• New Video Release - Neptune Memorial Reef

    A quick video from the end of a spearfishing afternoon when we visited the Neptune Memorial Reef off Key Biscayne, FL. Not the greatest viz, but still a pretty cool sight.
    You can get more info here and here


  • Cressi Nano Freediving Mask

    After trying and being disappointed by the Omer Zero Cubed mask last year, I picked up a couple of other masks (Mares Star and Sporasub Mystic) that fit fairly well and did not disappoint, but were not the perfect fit I've been looking for in a low volume freediving mask so I didn't feel overly compelled to write a spearview about them. In defense of these masks, they are both low volume masks that are relatively inexpensive so for the money they are great purchases. Of these two, the Sporasub Mystic is the more comfortable of the two thanks to its softer body and skirt composition. So if you're looking for a relative bargain because you don't want to lay out $80-$110 for one of the newer ultra low volume masks, I would highly recommend the Sporasub Mystic.


  • PFI Level One (FreeDiver) Course Review

    Back in March of 2010 I enrolled in and completed the FII Level One freediving course. I was extremely happy with the course content and the outcome (check out the SpearView). Unfortunately for me, I'm not a professional freediver, so as with many people, life gets in the way and complicated which in turn keeps you from building a true regimen that reinforces all the good behavior learned in the course. Needless to say, I forgot some of the basics, fell back into many of my old bad habits and my diving suffered as a result. I had been considering taking a refresher course for more than a year but hadn't had a chance to commit to it (like I said, life...…


  • FII Level 1 Freediving Course

    {phocagallery view=category|categoryid=16|imageid=255|imageshadow=shadow1|detail=2|float=left|pluginlink=0|type=1}Over the weekend of March 27th & 28th I took the Level 1 Freediving course offered by FII (Freediving Instructors International) at their Headquarters in Pompano Beach FL. FII was started by Martin Stepanek, a multiple time freediving world record holder. The Level 1 curriculum is taught over a 2 day course. The first day is classroom and pool based and spans almost 9 hours. This course is designed for beginning freedivers and is supposed to get novice divers to a depth of 66 feet.