white margate

  • July 7-14, 2015 - Cat Cay - Not a lot of diving, but it's all good

    After a few years' absence, we were able to make it back to Cat Cay for a family vacation this Summer. Just like our last trip, we spend the week leading up to the departure stocking up with supplies to minimize our on-island purchases (even though there are sundries on the island, they can be a little pricey), weather-watching and double checking everything possible on the boats before that (hopefully) early morning crossing. The weather wasn't shaping up perfectly, but definitely better than our last trip in 2011 so we were hopeful that it wouldn't be too bad.


  • July 2-9, 2011 - Stranded... in Paradise!

    Preface: This is a particularly long blog that I wrote for reasons of personal recollection and has very little spearfishing content. What can I say? Ownership has it’s privileges.

    My first crossing to Bimini, Cat Cay to be specific, and what a day we pick to do it. After planning and weather watching for the past few weeks (quite the exercise in futility as it turns out), hoping for a smooth crossing, prayers were answered, unfortunately they must have been someone else’s prayers because I was paying my dues on a 55 mile crossing with terribly frequent 6-7 footers for the first 30 miles of the trip.