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July 1, 2010 - Finally we can see

July 02, 2010
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We hit one of our newest spots (#67) which was only in about 25' but the viz just wasn't very good. I jumped in first just to see if there was anything worth shooting. After a couple of dives we were ready to leave, but as I callled in the boat (after unloading my gun), I spot something that looked interesting on the bottom. So I raise my hand to pause the boat's approach and descend on the swimming shape I spotted from the surface. As I get closer I realize the fish I spotted wasn't a mangrove but a simple blue line grunt. It was a very large one, but not anything we would shoot, so I swim on when to my left I see a group of mangroves wth 2 large ones leading the way. I realized that I wasn't loaded so I quickly cock the two slings while keeping an eye on the small school. I quickly line up the shot and bag one of the two leaders for the cooler. On to the next spot...

From there we keep heading west to one of the spots that we nicknamed "The Clumps". We decide to anchor up and jump in together so we can work the spot a little more thoroughly. We arrive to find some decent clarity and the first thing I spot when I jump in is a legal mutton. So I descend and chase the mutton. Luckily this mutton doesn't make too many evasize moves and I'm able to bag her relatively quickly. Next I see my brother in law chasing down a very nice mangrove and I spot a black margate off to his left. As I watch from above, he takes his shot but unfortunately misses. I assume he is going to chase down the mangrove so I immediately drop on the margate, chase it down and quickly dispatch it to the cooler.

After 1 or 2 more fish, we decide to move on to #36. Not all of our spots are named. Some of them (like #36) we simply refer to by their GPS position id although this is getting more and more difficult as we continue to add spots and we have already discussed the need to give more of our spots (especially the ones we really frequent) nicknames so they're easier to recall year after year.

So we arrive at #36 to find that the viz has started to diminish but we figure we might be able to limit out here before heading home so we anchor up again and jump in.  We only had 4 fish left to limit out so we were hoping to make quick work of it and get going back home. Unfortunately, we were also being extremely picky so it took us a little longer that we might have liked. But I did get a nice shot off on a mangrove rounding the edge of reef.  I actually got some nice video of some of the days shooting at "The Clumps" and #36. You can watch it in the video gallery here.