Barren Winter for me so far

Bob Diaz | SpearBlog 2011 | February 22, 2011
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Even though I have had a few chances to take the boat out this winter, my spearfishing frustrations continue. The past couple of weekends have given me a chance to take the family out for wonderful days out on the boat, but being the only spearfisherman on the boat presents constant challenges. I did dive this past weekend, but there wasn't much to be seen and when I started to scout for some new locations (since I never dive in Miami and fishermen hoard their spots like women hoard pairs of shoes) I had some problems being the driver, navigator and spotter.

 The water was actually fairly clean (at least 30' viz) even though the winds were easily in the 15-20mph (WNW) range. It got a little choppy once we got out past Stiltsville and into open water (2-4') but nothing that couldn't be tolerated as long as the bow was kept pointed into the waves. The water was a mild 70F considering we're still in February so the 3mm suit I wore was more than keeping me warm. It was unfortunate that I wasn't able to find anything to shoot (even though I have to admit I was only making a minimal effort due to my being the only diver in the water). 

Maybe I'll get another chance to hit the water in the next couple of weeks for the sole purpose of killing something instead of focusing on keeping the family out of the waves and cool wind. All in all, still a very wonderful couple of days. The kind of days that make you think (while you're kicking back at Boca Chita Marina griling and drinking) about how many people don't get to do what we do all year round. Oh well, sux to be them I guess :). Personally, I think living in paradise happens to agree with me so I think I'll keep right on griping about not having shot anything while I have year round opportunities to spend wonderful days out in the wild blue