• June 9-12, 2018 - Grand Cay - 4th Annual Bahamas Pirate Trip

    Some things are just worth doing again and again. For us, that thing is our annual Pirate Trip to Grand Cay. For 4 years now, we've been lucky enough to be able to pull off epic annual trips to the Bahamas for the sole purpose of spearfishing. Our first trip was to South Andros, and as epic as that trip was, since venturing out to Grand Cay on our second trip, we keep getting drawn back. Maybe it's the accessibility, maybe it's the environment, maybe it's just a great time! Sometimes, the grass isn't greener. Every year, we talk about trying new places in the Bahamas, and although I know that some day we will travel to those other places, for now we're content, no exhilarated, at the chance to jump in those waters in and around Grand Cay. 


  • June 10-13, 2016 - Grand Cay, trip of a lifetime, can't wait to do it again next year!

    The What'sApp chat group for this year's "Guy's Fishing Trip" actually started out as a discussion for a possible trip to Bimini in Dec of 2015 before the end of the year. I was stoked. Last year's Bimini Christmas was a blast and I couldn't wait to get back. Unfortunately, weather and responsibilities kept us from successfully making the trip. Gladly though, chatter started up again  in February about this year's second annual Summer trip (which is now considered a tradition - at least by me). Of course it all starts with the question of "So where do we want to go this year?". The immediate and obvious response of "South Andros" (same place as last year) came across the app but there was a desire to do something new, some place new, and I was all for it!


  • July 7-14, 2015 - Cat Cay - Not a lot of diving, but it's all good

    After a few years' absence, we were able to make it back to Cat Cay for a family vacation this Summer. Just like our last trip, we spend the week leading up to the departure stocking up with supplies to minimize our on-island purchases (even though there are sundries on the island, they can be a little pricey), weather-watching and double checking everything possible on the boats before that (hopefully) early morning crossing. The weather wasn't shaping up perfectly, but definitely better than our last trip in 2011 so we were hopeful that it wouldn't be too bad.


  • June 4-7, 2015 - 4 Days Spearfishing Jurassic Park - Andros, Bahamas

    I guess it all started about 4 weeks before when I get the call from my most adventurous spearfishing bud Carlos, asking if I was up for a 5 diver, 4 day trip to Andros in the Bahamas. Being the expert that I am on the Bahamian islands, I immediately ask "Where?". After a few minutes of discussion and a quick Google Maps lookup, I realize that this is no ordinary trip he's contemplating. Andros is the largest island in the Bahamas but is the least densely populated and most of the island is considered fairly remote territory. "We're going on an adventure..." he tells me. With the 225+ mile trek to get to our destination in Congo Town as…


  • March 23, 2014 - Mutton Huntin' in Pompano

    Wind Seas Viz Temp
    NW 5-10mph 1-2' 20-25' 75F

    It seems like once you break the ice of making it out the first time, all your subsequent attempts at getting out on the water just seem to come a little easier. So with another good weather forecast on the horizon this week, I started the calls on Wednesday to see who might be interested in another outing this weekend. After connecting with the usual suspects, my brother in law and I decided to go out on Sunday as the forecast was just a little better for that day. We had a couple of extra hands on the boat this week as a friend of my brother in law's was joining us for his first exposure to free…


  • June 30-July 9, 2012 - It's about time for a vacation a.k.a. The week of the one(s) that got away...

    Sat - 1-2'
    Sat - 5-10 SW
    Sat - 15-20'
    Sat - 84 F

    I can't say I wasn't a little worried since the week before I finally get away for some time off after months of dealing with work responsibilities and a host of other distractions was more than a little frought with high winds and rain that pretty much kept most of South Florida under constant siege from foul weather. I had been looking forward to this week with so much anticipation. The Summer up to now has pretty much been a non-event. The wind and seas were keeping the water so dirty that diving and spearfishing was fast becoming an exercise in futility on most days. But I kept hopeful that the weather couldn't stay bad for yet another week.


  • July 2-9, 2011 - Stranded... in Paradise!

    Preface: This is a particularly long blog that I wrote for reasons of personal recollection and has very little spearfishing content. What can I say? Ownership has it’s privileges.

    My first crossing to Bimini, Cat Cay to be specific, and what a day we pick to do it. After planning and weather watching for the past few weeks (quite the exercise in futility as it turns out), hoping for a smooth crossing, prayers were answered, unfortunately they must have been someone else’s prayers because I was paying my dues on a 55 mile crossing with terribly frequent 6-7 footers for the first 30 miles of the trip.