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End of an era

Bob Diaz | SpearBlog 2015 | May 07, 2015 | Print
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For the past 20+ years my family and I have been heading down to Marathon during the Summer months for the purposes of spearfishing and family weekends. Over the past 15+ years since owning my web site, these Summers have offered me the opportunity to load up my site with blogs and pictures that have entertained me (and hopefully some of you) tremendously along the way. I have looked forward to my Summer escapades chasing mahi, snapper, grouper, hogfish and facing sharks and goliaths every Spring... that is, up until this year.

Life as we all know gets complicated and sometimes it's all we can do to acclimate and accommodate to the best of our ability. Even though I will continue to spearfish and post as much as I'm able to, the frequency of my posting is definitely going to drop because we won't be heading down to Florida Keys on our weekends all Summer long. 

Luckily for me, my reasons are family oriented (High School, Sports, College, etc) and not dire, but these reasons precipitate change nonetheless. I will definitely miss the regularity with which I used to be able to get in the water and enjoy my favorite pastime as well as being able to share it all here. Change might be good however, because this will hopefully provide me the opportunity to broaden my spearfishing horizons by freeing up some weekends during our prime diving months so I can freeload off of (I mean hitch along with) some of my local spearfishing buds and open myself up to new locations and adventures with new and different friends.

Here's to change and to new and different adventures!
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