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GoPro... NoGo (at least not yet)

Bob Diaz | SpearBlog 2011 | November 28, 2011 | Print
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Well I finally thought the time was right and stepped up to buy myself a GoPro camera a couple of weeks ago. I waited for the launch of the Hero2 because I was following the specs for this new model prior to the release and I was very interested in some of them specifically. The new model has a considerable list of new features that make it so much better for the money (even though, now you can pick up the regular Hero for almost $100 less).
Among the new features are:

  1. Lens glass is 2 times clearer than the original Hero
  2. Processor is 2 times faster than the original Hero
  3. 11 megapixel stills (Hero had 5mp)
  4. 120 frames per second shooting in WVGA mode
  5. Selectable FOV options (future firmware release required - currently only 1080 has this)

So I got my camera the week before Thanksgiving and I had put all my plans into motion so I could go out on Friday but as luck would have it the weather starting going South on me starting on about Wednesday. By the time Friday rolled around (after I spent most of the week making sure the boat would be ready to go) the winds had come up to about 20-25 mph out of the East/Northeast with seas in the 6-8' range (even higher seas in the Gulfstream) along with storms that rolled through incessantly the entire day. Even near shore the seas were still in the 4-6' range and that probably wouldn't have made for a fun day at all especially since I was most likely going out by myself.

I've been jones'ing to get out on the water since Labor Day and I can't believe the weather we've had for the past 2 or 3 weeks. There have literally been small craft advisories just about every single day for the last couple of weeks (as of this writing on 11/25). Not that the high seas discourage me completely, but that along with the fact that I haven't really had any diving reports of any kind from anyone I know tells me that it's most likely just not worth all the effort required to go out just to get beat up, burn more fuel than I should and come home with nothing but a story about that wave that came in over the bow.

I figured since I wasn't going to get a chance to go out, get wet, shoot anything or play with my new camera that I would just go ahead and gripe about it here since I've had nothing of any real substance to write about for the past couple of months (not that this is substantial, but what the hell).

Right now, looking at the forecast for the next 5-7 days, it seems like I'm only in for more of the same as a cold front comes in from the Gulf of Mexico. So my camera will have to stay put on it's suction cup mount on my kitchen counter for the foreseeable future. I guess I can spend the time waiting for the modified flat lens, filter capable case I ordered for the Hero2 to arrive so I can use it on my first outing with the camera. I'm hoping to do two writeups in SpearViews when I do. One for the camera itself and the other for the benefits (hopefully) I get from the Oculus R5 case with the flat lens modification. Hopefully there'll be something I can shoot with both my camera and my gun on that day. I can't wait!