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SpearBlog 2011


Foreword 2011

Bob Diaz | SpearBlog 2011 | January 03, 2011 | Print

Once again, another year has gone by altogether too quickly. Unfortunately for me, I didn't get an opportunity to dive in December before the grouper closure on January 1. The winds picked up the week before Christmas and didn't let up (actually haven't let up) so December came and went and January showed up without my being able to bag that last grouper of the winter. I guess I'm just going to have to wait until May 1st to land that next big one! I only hope that I am able to dive a little later this winter and get to see the benefits of this second annual closure even if I don't get to take any of them home with me.


Barren Winter for me so far

Bob Diaz | SpearBlog 2011 | February 22, 2011 | Print

Even though I have had a few chances to take the boat out this winter, my spearfishing frustrations continue. The past couple of weekends have given me a chance to take the family out for wonderful days out on the boat, but being the only spearfisherman on the boat presents constant challenges. I did dive this past weekend, but there wasn't much to be seen and when I started to scout for some new locations (since I never dive in Miami and fishermen hoard their spots like women hoard pairs of shoes) I had some problems being the driver, navigator and spotter.


May 7, 2011 - One last attempt in Miami

Bob Diaz | SpearBlog 2011 | May 08, 2011 | Print
2011, Miami

This past Saturday we decided to take the boat out one last time in Miami before the summer started (and along with it my main diving season in the Keys). My nephew decided to come along with us for his first ride on the boat so I figured we might be able to get in a dive along with another family day at Boca Chita. My nephew had never been to this nice island in the middle of Biscayne Bay (I confess, I hadn't been there before this past winter either) so it was nice to have him experience it for the first time as it's a relaxing place to spend the afternoon where you can hang out, camp out (which we did a few weeks ago), cook out and generally enjoy the great Florida outdoors at a place that feels like your miles from anywhere (which I guess technically, you are).


May 21-22, 2011 - Finally!

Bob Diaz | SpearBlog 2011 | May 24, 2011 | Print
Seas: 2-4 feet Winds: 10-15 S/SW Viz:  30 feet Temp: 79 F

SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE! Finally a weekend that wasn't under the guise of some kind of work, whether paycheck related or otherwise. Of course it wasn't all honeymoon for me either, at least not at the start. I get a call from a friend Friday afternoon who asks me why we aren't down in the keys shooting fish when we're getting MMS messages from my brother in law with pictures of his 16lb Black Grouper while we're both at work (way to rub it in bro). And while I didn't have a really good answer (mostly because I agreed with him), all we could do was bide our time and hope the weather would hold up for us to get down there too. So I picked up my nephew on my way home from work to bring him down with us this weekend and haul a$$ home to get started loading up and hooking up everything I had to drag down there so my diving season could finally begin. You see in my house, "The Boys of Summer" has nothing to do with baseball.